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València 1
08015 Barcelona
Zeus is an Italian brand which ultramodern furniture fit to the perfection with the line of products that PILMA promotes. Created in 1984, Zeus proposes a merger of the design, the mode and the art. Minimalist and always in forefront, the objects with which it works assemble all kinds of materials: from industrial elements like the steel up to the most natural products like the linoleum. Zeus contributes decorative elements for the interior and the exterior of the home.The shop Zeus is in the number 1 of the Street Valencia. His central location in the Catalan capital turns it into a very privileged place. It relies on a very nearby stop of meter placed in the street of Tarragona (that it gives his name to the stop). It is a question of a modern space that was started in the year 2010.Since 2010, Zeus has its own space in the PILMA store. It lays a line of products with character and simplicity. Mauricio Peregalli designs offer a complete product that takes into account construction costs without sacrificing the end result of absolute quality.