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The orders done from 3th to 20th August will be delivered since Monday 27th August.


Diagonal, 403
08008 Barcelona
València, 1
08015 Barcelona
Santa Amèlia 37-43
08034 Barcelona
Calle Serrano, 4
28001 Madrid
Rimowa is a brand founded by Paul Morszek in 1898, an enterprising man from a German family who began manufacturing wooden suitcases. But since the mid-twentieth century he used and perfected the use of lightweight, sturdy and tight aluminum. In this way, Rimowa suitcases became the favorite bags of TV cameras and photographers that traveled from the deserts to the poles. Now is a brand coveted by everyone. Today, Rimowa has also developed patterns made with the same polycarbonate that is used in motorcycle helmets. It has a design that stands out for its elegant and sophisticated styling and its safety against blows. The quality of the suitcases quality follow the company motto: A perfect product is more than the sum of its parts. It is a blend of advanced technology and perfect craftsmanship.
Some products you cand find in this shop:
Rimowa, Topas Pilot 42 cm
619.00 €
Rimowa, Limbo 55 cm
589.00 €
Rimowa, Topas Stealth 55 cm
849.00 €
Rimowa, Salsa Sport 73 cm
469.00 €
Rimowa, Salsa 55 cm
429.00 €
Rimowa, Hybrid pilot 41 cm
569.00 €
Rimowa, Classic flyght 55 cm.
539.00 €
Rimowa, Salsa 55 cm
409.00 €