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The best italian design arrives at espai Pilma
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Monday, 19 September 2016

The best italian design arrives at espai Pilma

Now at espai Pilma you can find three undisputed Italian design icons, for its high quality, prestige and international recognition. EdraKristalia and Lago have been added to our catalogue to offer you the best in contemporary furniture.


Italian manufacturer Edra holds an unique place in furniture design, with pieces that go beyond trends and fashion to create a strong tactile and emotional impact. These designs incorporate values that respond to contemporary lifestyle changes and enchace the user experience.

Edra has a tradition that combines the Italian design heritage with modern technology and careful resarch into new materials. Whether your home is deeply traditional or minimalist and contemporary, the space you live in will be enriched by the addtion of one of these extraordinary pieces.


Born as a family business, the company has excelled in carving out a clear identity for tiself over time, becoming a leading brand in the world of Italian design. Lago investigates design in a systematic way, concentrating not only on the indiviual product but on how furnishings communicate amongst themselves.

A philosophy that extends to all areas of the company: from poduction to design, everything is entirely Made in Italy.


Kristalia was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs from Friuli who shared two great passions: design and jazz. Today the Kristalia collection offers products that outstand for their essential character, their easy placement and their young spirit, very in line with the modern lifestyle necessities.  

From the outset, Kristalia has given special attention to innovative design projects through experimentation and seraching for new technical solutions, using materials borrowed from the fields of fashion and sports. 

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