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PLM Design, timeless lifestyle furniture
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Monday, 24 October 2016

PLM Design, timeless lifestyle furniture

PLM Design was born with the purpose of offering timeless sophistication and pure lines to the market of high-end furnishings. The brand has benefitted from unstoppable growth and success over the 20 years since its inception, now present in more than 1000 retail stores in Spain with many more across Europe.

The brand’s philosophy emphasizes rationality and minimalism, yet providing a key accent to its essential shapes and forms. The various details and exceptional finishings on each piece, speaks to the commitment of PLM Design in producing durable and versatile furnishings. The wide range of products goes from lightning to outdoor furniture, with each piece radiating its own personality and style. 

On top of that, now PLM Design arrives at Pilma with its own "shop in shop", at the Barcelona retail outlets. A very unique space that gathers all the essece of our passion for good design, with a complete catalogue of iconic items. A perfect location to see and feel all of our products, that inspire our brand concept... and also available at our 
online store.

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