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KLM trolley bars: objects of desire
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

KLM trolley bars: objects of desire

There is an indispensable element that provides an unique touch of personality to any house. We are not talking about furniture, we are talking about the stories behind it.

At Pilma now you can find a special limited edition of a 90's icon: the well-known trolley bar by the KLM airline. An unique object with thousands of flight hours on its tiny wheels. 

This cart is small and fully versatile: a collector's piece that becomes a vintage classic that fits with any type of house, from classic to contemporary. A fully functional element and a challenge for creative minds that can turn it into a library, a vinyl display, a home trolley-bar, a place to storage the children toys... and always a truly inspiration to start new journeys and come back with a bunch of new fascinating stories. 

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