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Creation of a small workshop of cabinet-making in Llançà Street 33 of Barcelona, where office furniture produces to itself American style with great commercial success.

During these difficult years it follows with the workshop and there are started making cupboards of sliding doors of those who manage to produce more than thousand monthly.

Taking advantage of the boom of the tourism, Pilma enters for the first time in the world of trades with a set of establishments located in the Costa Brava.

At the beginning of this decade a point of sale develops in Barcelona that agglutinates all the existing styles of furniture up to the moment. Of the previous experience, in 1974 Pilma's first establishment inaugurates in a format already very similar to the current one, in the Valencia Street 1 of Barcelona, with more of 2,000m2, being selected and finalist to the FAD awards of interior design.

In 1987 Pilma opens the doors for the second commercial establishment in the Diagonal Avenue 403 of Barcelona, also with more of 2,000m2, where a spectacular interior design is realized connecting by means of ramps his four levels, managing to be selected also this way and finalist to the FAD awards of interior design. Also there extends even 3,000m2 the store of Valencia Street 1.

It is created the brand PLM DESIGN by the aim to commercialize and distribute its exclusive products for the whole Spain. In these years Pilma is present as exhibitor at different fairs and agreements are reached by out-standing international signatures in order that PILMA represents and distributes them in Spain. Since consequence of that, inaugurates a new logistic plant close to Fira Barcelona in Hospitalet of 2,000m2. Organizing committee of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92 grants two licenses to Pilma in sole right for the edition and commercialization of the pet Cobi in materials like aluminium, bronze and resin.

In 2003 the third establishment is inaugurated in the city with 1,300m2 where one penetrates into collections that incorporate a component of high design and that are in the first line of the most contemporary trends of the international market. The architectural accomplishment returns to be selected and finalist to the FAD awards of interior design. A new logistic organization allows to open an extension of the central store in Fira Barcelona, coming even more of 5,000m2. There re-turns the former surface that was occupying the central store in the Eixample in a great Outlet with more of 1,000m2.

During these years it is agreed with three prestigious international firms to implement their shop in a shop in different Pilma stores.

ZEUS, an Italian manufacturer based in Milan with cutting edge furniture that fits perfectly with the Pilma marketing line.

RIMOWA, a German firm aluminum and polycarbonate luggage recognized as the most prestigious brand in its sector.

KARTELL, an Italian company and international leader in the distribution of products of polyethylene design.

Pilma develops in its Diagonal Avenue a corner with high quality food products and innovative packaging.

PLM DESIGN opens its doors to the international market after years being a reference to the national level. For a professional showroom opens empowerment.